Mig Updates

Updates for Mig Card, Dumper and it's availability for our customers.

Update 1st April 2024:

Our first shipment has begun shipping!

Last week we begun shipping! And many of our customers have already received their devices. All our Wave 1 shipping has been completed and many Wave 2 orders and Ebay orders have already been sent out too!

Our first shipment was only for cards, no dumpers at this time have been shipped out to distributors by Mig Switch, we're told reviewers should get them first within the coming weeks, then second batch orders(including dumpers) will follow to distributors.


When will Wave 3 orders and Dumpers be shipping?

Mig Switch will be sending out second batches on a rolling basis moving forward as they receive units from the factories. I don't have a fixed date on my next order, it's estimated early May, possibly sooner, and we'll keep this page updated as and when we know more.

This inlcudes any orders marked for Wave 3 or If your order includes a Dumper, or has been added since making a purchase your items will be sent out at the same time, when we receive the Dumpers in our next batch.

Look out for updates in your inbox over the next couple of weeks with more details as we get them.

If your order includes other items that require to be made up and marked for Wave 2, these will be worked out over the next couple of weeks and shipped out once they are ready.

We still have a handful of orders to complete with our current batch, we ask if you can please be patient with us as we prepare, assemble, and pack the orders.


Skin Pixel

Update 12th March 2024:

We have our shipping info from Mig Switch!

With many distributors having received there orders made in the first batch, and many more who have had shipping updated this past week including us, we are now scheduling in estimated dispatch dates for your orders, as we await for our batch arrive, I'll be updating everyone when to expect dispatch. Starting with Wave 1 orders, then working through Wave 2 orders in blocks.

Look out for a shipping update in your inbox over the next couple of weeks.

Please be patient with us as we prepare, assemble, and pack your orders.

Update 15th February 2024:

You may be asking with a Wave 1 order where your Mig Switch Flash card is?

That is a good question and we want to be open, honest with full transparency about your orders and when we expect to ship. This is not bad news, just a quick update about shipping, when to expect it and that the Mig Switch Cards are experiencing production delays.

As some of you may have anticipated the Mig Switch to have already landed on your door steps, where other distributors may had promising shipping within the first week of Februay, I can see how the world expects this the same of all distributors. Whilst I maintain I have only ever stated expection for Wave 1 shipping from us to be within February, I am hoping to keep that promise(see more below).

Whilst we all hoped for shipping to start sooner, we're told by Mig Switch that they have experienced a higher than anticipated amount of orders from all distributors, nearly doubling what a group of us distributors had initially thought the number of units that they held were.

With the higher demand in order volume, Mig Switch have informed us to expect delays, but assure us distributors we'll still get the products shipped to us within February.

Why the Delays?

As far we we understand it is mainly down to a supply shortage of IC chips needed to produce the units, while at this point we believe/are hopeful they have made up enough units to fulfil the higher volumes, Mig Switch are also undergoing in-depth quality checks of the first batch as they tell us the first batch requires more testing and verification to ensure the goods are of a high standard.

When can we expect the first wave to start shipping?

Whilst we can only speculate what is going on behind the scene, I can understand that this is can be very frustrating for you as the customers, we are equally, if not more frustrated with the delays as we're getting a lot of enquires on when they may be shipping, and we ask that you be patient with us getting your devices out.

At this time I wish We could give you a much clearer answer than just 'February' but this is just where we're at at the moment. While we still await dispatch from Mig Switch, we can not apologise enough that we haven't been able to get the Mig Switch Cards out to you sooner.

As mentioned above, we're still expecting the shipment to us within February, so we're hopeful to get them out to you still as agreed in February, and we'll update you all again as soon as we can delivery more positive news regarding your orders.

As soon as the shipment arrives, we plan to down all tools and get to work relentlessly on getting the cards posted out to you all as soon as possible!

This is our promise to you!

All wave 1 orders will be dispatched in February!

This is where I may end up eating my words 😅. If even for a second any wave 1 order has not been dispatched by us within the month of February, my promise to you all will have been broken and I will graciously refund all your shipping costs. Yup, that is right If any order misses the deadline for wave 1 all wave 1 orders with get a refund up to the value of their shipping. Not valid for any orders otherwise agreed to have your Mig Switch Card delivered along with another purchase that may be scheduled for delivered at a later date (for example, if you have purchased a Dumper and opted to have them shipped together).

Thank you & shameless plug

Thank you for your understanding and your continued support, should you have any questions or concerns please reach out, and we'll help you as best as we can and answer your questions as best to our knowledge.

Being a product a first of it's kind we're all on this roller coaster of journey together and together we'll reach the otherside.

I wish you all well and thank you for your continued support to provide this product to you.

It allows me to grow my small business making custom controllers and DIY shells, providing many people with Joy and something unique to include in your gaming set up.

If you would like to check out the designs I have available, or discuss an unique custom commission for all PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch controllers, head over to https://shop.skinpixel.co.uk/collections/all-custom-products

As a massive thanks for supporting our small business we want to share with you a discount code for any of our custom designed controllers and DIY shells.

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Again a massive thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Kind Regards,
Skin Pixel ✌️

Update 18th January 2024:

We're still working tiredlessly with our existing customers opening up the dumper to special pricing. If you ordered before the 9th January and wish to access our special pricing for the dumper please let us know that you are interested. We can add the dumper to your order and get them both shipped out together.

Dumper Sale price
We'll hold our sale price reducing the Dumper down from £70 for the next 7 Days.

No free shipping?
We'll no longer offer Free shipping on the Mig Switch or Mig-Dumper, and would like to thank everyone who took advantage of this offer while it was available.

I've already bought a Mig Switch Card, can I add the Dumper to my existing order?
Yes, we would be happy to add the dumper to your order, let us know and we can add that for you to ship out at the same time.

Do you have Mig Switch Bundles available?
We do, available with 1 or 2 Mig Switch Cards in a special promotional bundle. This is the best way to get both at a reduced price.

Updated 9th January 2024:

People are asking if this item is included or not with their orders. Unfortunately no presales from all distributors will include the dumper tool. They will only include the Mig Switch Flash Cart.

We are still awaiting information from Mig Switch on the price and availability of the Mig Switch Dumper and I imagine all distributors will be updating their product pages accordingly keeping their customers in the the loop as I'll be.
Originally when all distributors were given the unit figures, we were all led to believe this included the dumper tool based on the information given and product information as show on the migswitch.com website, stating " The device consists of 2 products" there are at least 6 distributors I know of who had been selling the device under the assumption the dumper was included based on this product information. Themselves having been led to believe the dumper was to be included as part of the product costs to us.


This has since been clarified by Mig Switch, that they intend to release this at a later date and is sold separately.

As I understand, the dumper tool is facing delays in production and is not ready to ship. This was a decision Mig Switch have taken, but not kept us informed us on until the last couple of days, and only later clarifying the items are sold separately, only updating their website's product page to reflect this just an hour or so ago migswitch.com/#/product.

Mig Switch have told us that distributors will be getting updates on the dumper, which includes what the costs to us are, pricing and images by sometime next week.

Please keep in mind this new clarification doesn't change our costs as a distributor for the Mig Switch Card.

I can't speak out for other distributors on the following and I urge you to reach out to them about your own orders, and please respect that these are people with their own families and jobs if they don't get back to right away. We we're all unaware the dumper wasn't too be included either.

For Skin Pixel at least our prices for the Cards will remain unchanged at this time for new orders but have updated our shipping to include a free option(UK Orders Only). This product will only include the Mig Switch Card.

Edit (18th January): We will no longer be offering free shipping options, but if you still want to add a Dumper to your existing order please let us know. See above for more details.

I am willing to work with our existing customers and urge you to reach out to me through the webiste about your order.

Thank you all for your support at this time. 

Updated 8th Jan 2024:

As expected PayPal have put a hold on new funds for 21 Days, I'm talking with PayPal regarding the hold, this will temporarily be unavailble for the time being as I rely upon PayPal for other revenue streams. I'll update Regarding PayPal as soon as I know more, or can increase my Limits.

Thank you for those that have ordered through PayPal. 

Updated 7th Jan 2024:

I've opened up my pre-orders again for a second wave batch, looking to expect these end of Feb, shipping out in March.

I've also enabled PayPal(This will be temporary - see note) as some people have requested that.

Note: PayPal will often hold fees with increased order volumes through there service, and not releasing the money either until tracking has been added or after 21 days, I generally have an increased limit having traded using PayPal for some time) but please expect delays if payments are held by PayPal. If this happens(but hopefully not), PayPal will be disabled until matters can be resolved.

- EU Shipping update through Ebay Global Shipping Program (only listed 30 units, so be fast):

As I'm only shipping directly to UK addresses at this time, you may like to keep an eye on https://migswitch.com/#where-to-buy as there may be a distributor who is better suited to your location. They should be updating that list this coming week.

I have enabled Global Shipping Program through Ebay you might like to checkout, but these will cost more due to their duties paid and ebays additional shipping obligation fees.


My advice is to await for a distributor for your region to appear on Mig Switch website, as their will likely be someone who can ship it to you faster.

Updated 5th Jan 2024:

I have sold out of Mig Switch's Wave 1 on my site, thanks to everyone here who bought one, and the handful of orders who've picked up a bundle with a set of Joy Con shells and Controllers.

I've had one or two cancellations here and there, that I restock immediately, so some might be lucky to grab one on the odd chance.

Besides that, I have restock notifications set up on the listing for wave 2 pre-orders, be sure to keep upto date with that as to when we'll grab some more.

And be sure to checkout some of the custom designs we handpaint on joy cons and other controllers.