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Classic Edition Set of 2 Custom DualSense™ Controllers

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Materials Used

• 2 x Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense Controllers
• Spray Paint
• Replacement Buttons
This product is handmade to order, if we don't have any ready to go, dispatch time can take upto 2-3 weeks depending how busy we are with orders and if we have any controllers in stock, this time is usually sooner.
We use new, unused controllers only that will come repackaged in original box. Contains modified controller only.


PSX Edition
• Two-tone grey
• Classic PSX style
• Classic Buttons
PS2 Edition
• Classic Matte Buttons
• Perfect PS2 Inspired controller
• Coloured PS Logo

Dispatch Time

1-2 Weeks

Dispatch Times can vary.

Please understand time is needed on items that are made to order before they can be dispatched. If we need to order new stock to complete your order dispatch times may be longer, if this is the case we shall let you know.

This set of 2 PS5 Controllers is the perfect retro throwback inspired by the classic PlayStation(PSX) and PlayStation 2.

The PSX Edition features a two-tone grey colour coat with classic buttons and a coloured PS logo.

The PS2 Edition uses the Midnight Black DualSense™ combined with classic buttons, and a coloured PS logo to match, just how the PS5 controller should have been!

The ideal showpieces that would make a great gift for any retro fan!

These Controllers are handmade to order


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